I Am From Poems On Adobe InDesign- Spring 2014

Project: I am from poems

Assignment:This assignment digs deep into who we are and what has made us the people we are today. Students write an “I am from” poem about that very topic of self discovery, and transform it into an image on Adobe InDesign. At the core of this assignment, students learn that TEXT + IMAGERY = SUCCESSFUL GRAPHIC DESIGN.

To see past years of poems click here, or here.

Luke S.”I am from seeing dolphins”. 6th grade

Luke S,

Hania E. “I am from Unicorn Language”. 6th grade

unicorn language


Amy X. “I am from a bird song”. 6th grade

Bird Picture Poem


Bertha Charles, “I am from traveling”. 6th grade

Bertha Jean charles

Nelson L. “I am from Tennessee, Toffee, and my home Turf”. 6th grade

I Am From Tennessee, Toffee, And My Home Turf


Julian N. “I am from boomin’ to music”. 6th grade



Monty S. “I am from video games in my basement.” 6th grade