Business Card Design 2013


Business Card Design:

Assignment: Create a business that does not already exist. Make sure it reflects your personality and interests. On Adobe Illustrator, combine text and imagery to design the front and back of a business card.

Rubric (100 Points)

1. Chose an authentic business, address, phone number, and concept. (20)

2. Typography, Imagery, and Color Scheme all reflect the concept of your business. (20)

3. Good work habits/effective use of time/neatness and quality (20)

4. Utalize multiple tools on adobe illustrator (or photoshop or indesign if you choose). (20)

5. Front and Back need to flow together. (20)

Student Work:

Rose D. 7th grade. “Stunning Sweets”. A Candy Shoppe


rose front


rose back


Henry R. 8th grade. “19 Below”. An App Design Company.





Kasim H. 8th grade. “Splash”. Engineering Company.


kasim front


kasim back

WeDad M. 7th grade. “WAM”. Pet Store.


wedad front


wedad back


Luke L. 8th grade. “Lawson Energy”






Josh J. 8th grade. “Release The Beast”. Fitness Center


Josh Front


Josh Back


Elliot. 7th grade. “Zombie Hunter”


elliott- front


elliott- back

Austin. 7th grade. “Stink Head”. Smell Distributer.


austin Business Cards both sides

Audrey. 7th grade. “Sweet Treats Bakery”.


audrey front


audrey back



Jasper Johns Number Drawings

photo 1 (1)

Riya S, 7th grade, 2013

Project: Jasper Johns Number Drawing

Materials: Heavy drawing paper, drawing pencils (not regular writing pencils)

Description: Students are inspired by Jasper Johns layered number drawings. Students chose a variety of numbers and layer them within the page. By doing this, they create a lot of seperate spaces and shapes. Each seperate enclosed area should be shaded differently, and no touching areas should be the same.


1. Student layeres 7-10 numbers on the page- 20 points

2. Interesting composition- 20 points

3. Student uses the following characteristics of Jasper Johns artwork within the seperate shapes- 20 points

  • Shading from dark to light
  • Coloring in the entire shape with the same tone
  • Hash marks
  • white space

4. Care and Effort- 20 points

5. Good work habits- 20 points

Artist Inspiration:

**Our student arwork combines different qualities from Jasper Johns Artwork. Much of his artwork is in color and using paint, however, ours uses drawing pencils and no colors.


0 through 9 1961 by Jasper Johns born 1930

Dancers on a Plane 1980-1 by Jasper Johns born 1930

[title not known] 1967-9 by Jasper Johns born 1930

Student Artwork:

photo 2 (2)

Sofia G, 7th grade, 2013

photo 3 (1)

Micah W, 7th grade, 2013

photo 4 (1)

Cora K, 7th grade, 2013


Monsters on Adobe illustrator



Assignment: Creating Monsters on Adobe Illustrator to teach students about the basic tools on Adobe Illustrator and about the elements of art.


1. Good work habits- 20 points

2. Uses ALL the elements of art (line, shape, texture, space, color, and value)- 20 points

3. Creative Thinking when creating the monster – 20 points

4. Uses at least one new tool in Adobe Illustrator (aside from what was taught on the Panda Bear Tutorial)- 20 points

5. Care and Effort- 20 points

blob man-henry

Henry R. “Blob Man”, 7th grade (6th period)



Riya S. “The Kooky Monster”, 6th grade (2nd period)


nightmare blues-Geetika

Geetika, “The Nightmare Blues”, 6th grade (2nd period)


Marco Monster

Marco, “Marco Monster”, 7th grade (3rd period)



Tiara, “Rawr”, 7th grade (6th period)



Caroline, “Monster-Monster”, 7th grade (6th period)



Mitchell B. “?”, 7th grade (3rd period)

Up-close and Personal (A 7th grade drawing project)


David Q- 7th grader

(More student work below..)


Create four separate up-close value drawings of four items that are personal to you.

[Learning Objectives]

1. I can crop an object (by drawing an up-close section of it) so that it remains interesting to the viewer.

2. I can add value to my drawing by using a variety of drawing techniques. (smudging, using the eraser for highlights, applying different amounts of pressure to the paper)

3. I can use newspaper as a means to add interest and variety to my drawing.


Four squares of drawing paper, newspaper, drawing pencils, rubber cement or glue sticks, larger piece of construction paper to fit the four square drawings on

[Things that must be included/How you will be graded]

1. Good work habbits

2. Accurate application of value (must have highlights, midtones, and dark areas)

3. Four personal objects that reflect you.

4. Cropped drawings of those four objects.

5. Attention to detail within the drawing, and the gluing of the newspaper.

[How this project relates to Graphic Arts]


Cropping a product in an advertisement enlightens the viewer to the different highlighted aspects of that particular product.


[More student work]


Taylor B-7th grader


Anthony M. -7th grader