Pop Art- Spring 2014

Assignment: Students chose either a pet, or a food item to represent POPular culture in 2014. They then transformed that image into pop artwork by using black outlines, primary colors, action words, explosive shapes, and flat surfaces.

Thomas F, “Shazam”, 6th grade.




Addison Rouns, “YUM”, 6th grade.



Clayton Cobb, “ZAP”, 6th grade



Noah R-P, “BANG”, 6th grade


Luke R, “SQUIRT”, 6th grade



Color Wheel- First days of school

6th grade Color Wheel


Create a color wheel by cutting out colors from a magazine.

[Learning Objectives]

I can recreate a color wheel using colors from magazines.


Old magazines, glue sticks, scissors, color wheel examples

[Things that must be included/ How you will be graded]

1. Good work habbits

2. Demonstrates correct use of materials

3. Correct placement of colors on the color wheel.

4. Neat and Tidy

Phoebe L. 6th grade.

Marc N. 6th grade.