8th grade

1st 6 weeks:
Week 1:
Welcome to graphic arts, rules/procedures
Day 1-2:
Unit Title: Product Design
Project: Shoe design worksheet (2 day worksheet)
Key Terms: Product Design, Audience/Consumer, Logo, Brand Name
Day 3-5:
Unit Title: Drawing
Project: Perspective Block Letters (3 day short project)
Key Terms: 1 Point Linear perspective, horizon line, vanishing point, orthogonal lines,                                     typography
Week 2-3:
Unit title: Elements of Art/Principles of Design
A group Project: Positive/Negative Space + analyzing a work of art
Key Terms: Positive and Negative Space, Cheryl Molnar, David Habben, Collage, Exacto Knife
B group Project:Panda Bear Tutorial(2 days with partners), Monsters on Adobe                                              Illustrator (3 Day Project)
Key Terms: Line, Shape, Texture, Space, Color, Value, Adobe Illustrator, Character                                           Creation, Sending an Object to the back, Reflecting an Object,
Both Groups: Analyzing and Critiquing a work of art
Week 3-4 :
Switch Groups
Week 5:
Unit title: Package Design/ Drawing
Project: Candy Bar Drawing, Take a look at advertisements for these products.
Key Terms: Layering colors, Highlights, shadows, composition, packing design
Click here to see project details.
Week 6:
Unit title: Portraits + Painting
A group Project: Drawing self portraits with Typography in the background
B group Project: Painting Celebrity portraits on Adobe Photoshop
Key Terms for both groups: Portrait, proportion, value, shading, drawing from a photograph technique
2nd 6 weeks:
Week 7:
Continue from week 6
+ Analyzing a work of art
Week 8:
Switch Groups
Week 9:
Continue from week 8
Week 10:
A group:
Unit Title: Painting Part 2
Project: Animorphs on Photoshop
Key Terms: Atmospheric Perspective, Illusion of depth, foreground, middle-ground, background
B group:
Unit Title: Printmaking and Textile/Fiber Arts
Project: Animal Collagraph
Key Terms: Printmaking, Edition of 3, collograph,
Week 11:
Continue from week 10
+ Analyzing a work of art
Week 12:
Switch Groups (if time permits, in this situation we may not switch groups)
3rd 6 weeks:
 Weeks 13-18
These weeks are unknown at this time, as I will be leaving for maternity leave sometime around May 9th. Other projects could include: Architecture drawings, I am from poems on Adobe InDesign, Product Design, Package Design, and Advertising

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