6th Grade

1st Six Weeks

Week 1: Tu.8.21-F.8.24 (4 day week)

Doodle worksheets, welcome to middle school art, rules/procedures, letter home to parents





Color wheel magazine collage/ online color mixing game

Week 2: M.8.27-F.8.31 (5 day week)

Tints and Shades

Sketches for Monsters/ elements of art

Week 3: Tu.9/4- F.9/7 (4 day week)

[A group] :

Panda Bear Tutorial


Monsters on Adobe Illustrator

[B group]:

Oil Pastel Monsters

Week 4: M.9/10-F.9/14 (5 day week)

Continue from last week. Then, Switch groups


watch Monsters Inc!!

Week 5: M.9/17-F.9/21 (5 day week)

Week 6: M.9/24-F.9/28 (5 day week)


2nd six weeks:

Week 7: M.10/7-Th.10/4 (4 day week)

Into to typography/slide show on hand drawn letters


Perspective block letters

Week 8: M.10/8-F.10/12 (5 day week)

[A group]:

“Letters Of Our Lives”

[B group]:

Tutorial for Indesign


“I am from”poem on Adobe InDesign

Week 9: M.10/15-F.10/19 (5 day week)

Continue from week 8, then switch

Week 10: M.10/22-F.10/26 (5 day week)

Continue from week 9. Then,

Roy Lichenstein

Week 11:M.10/29-F.11/2 (5 day week)

Roy Lichenstein continued


Week 12: W.11/7-F.11/9 (3 day week)

Printmaking continued?

3rd six weeks:

Week 13: M.11/12-F.11/16 (5 day week)

Intro to portraits

[A group]:

Portraits on Adobe Photoshop

[B group]:

Sketches for portraits


Typography Portraits-watercolor

Week 14: M.11/19-T.11/20 (2 day week)

Finish projects from week 13, then switch

Week 15: M.11/26-F.11/30 (5 day week)

Intro to still life drawing


Still Life Drawing with Pattern Overload

Week 16: M.12/3-F.12/7 (5 day week)

Finish projects from week 15.

Intro to advertising


Advertisement Re-design

Week 17: M.12/10-F.12/14 (5 day week)

Bean Mosaic

Week 18: M.12/17-Th.12/20 (4 day week)

Bean Mosaic continued


4 thoughts on “6th Grade

  1. i loved it mrs dahl thank u for helping me know more about art im in ur class 4th period im gonna give u a guess of who i am i cum in late every day and i cum in wit a grown lady n i sit at a table wit a boy im a boy so theres 2 boys at thu table me n another boy n 2 girls we sit at a table next to ur desk.

  2. ur classes r awesome! we should do a art project for drawing a picture the best we can of an animal of our choice! thx….. Madeline 🙂

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