Mannequin Watercolors

Project Title: Mannequin Watercolors


watercolor Paper, drawing pencils, watercolors, crayon, and charcoal sticks


Students learn about figures and proportion by drawing mannequins. They will draw the mannequins, create a wax resist around the outlines of the mannequins, and then using watercolor and charcoal to add visual interest.


1. Student draws five mannequins on a page (at least one whole one)- 20 points

2. Correct proportion of mannequin parts and renderingĀ – 20 points

3. Interesting Composition – 20 points

4. Correct use of materials (watercolors must be transparent layers-not opaque, charcoal must be used to enhance and not overwhelm the art piece, and crayon resist must be thick heavy lines)- 20 points

5. care/Effort, and good work habbits – 20 points

Student Work:

photo 2

Bella E, 8th grade, 2013

photo 3

Meaghan H, 8th grade, 2013

photo 1

Meghan S, 8th grade, 2013

photo 4




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