Jasper Johns Number Drawings

photo 1 (1)

Riya S, 7th grade, 2013

Project: Jasper Johns Number Drawing

Materials: Heavy drawing paper, drawing pencils (not regular writing pencils)

Description: Students are inspired by Jasper Johns layered number drawings. Students chose a variety of numbers and layer them within the page. By doing this, they create a lot of seperate spaces and shapes. Each seperate enclosed area should be shaded differently, and no touching areas should be the same.


1. Student layeres 7-10 numbers on the page- 20 points

2. Interesting composition- 20 points

3. Student uses the following characteristics of Jasper Johns artwork within the seperate shapes- 20 points

  • Shading from dark to light
  • Coloring in the entire shape with the same tone
  • Hash marks
  • white space

4. Care and Effort- 20 points

5. Good work habits- 20 points

Artist Inspiration:

**Our student arwork combines different qualities from Jasper Johns Artwork. Much of his artwork is in color and using paint, however, ours uses drawing pencils and no colors.


0 through 9 1961 by Jasper Johns born 1930

Dancers on a Plane 1980-1 by Jasper Johns born 1930

[title not known] 1967-9 by Jasper Johns born 1930

Student Artwork:

photo 2 (2)

Sofia G, 7th grade, 2013

photo 3 (1)

Micah W, 7th grade, 2013

photo 4 (1)

Cora K, 7th grade, 2013



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