Monsters on Adobe illustrator



Assignment: Creating Monsters on Adobe Illustrator to teach students about the basic tools on Adobe Illustrator and about the elements of art.


1. Good work habits- 20 points

2. Uses ALL the elements of art (line, shape, texture, space, color, and value)- 20 points

3. Creative Thinking when creating the monster – 20 points

4. Uses at least one new tool in Adobe Illustrator (aside from what was taught on the Panda Bear Tutorial)- 20 points

5. Care and Effort- 20 points

blob man-henry

Henry R. “Blob Man”, 7th grade (6th period)



Riya S. “The Kooky Monster”, 6th grade (2nd period)


nightmare blues-Geetika

Geetika, “The Nightmare Blues”, 6th grade (2nd period)


Marco Monster

Marco, “Marco Monster”, 7th grade (3rd period)



Tiara, “Rawr”, 7th grade (6th period)



Caroline, “Monster-Monster”, 7th grade (6th period)



Mitchell B. “?”, 7th grade (3rd period)


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