Typography – Word Design (Spring 2013)

photo (33)


“Hair”, Isabella S, 7th grade (6th period)

(see more student work below)

Typography: Designing letters and words to enhance the meaning

To view project rubric, and past student examples, click here.

[ Rubric ](100 points total)

1. Good work habits/effective use of time – 20 points

2. Chooses a word and designs each letter to enhance the meaning of the word- 20 points

3. Uses colored pencil techniques (layering and shading)- 20 points

4. Creative thinking when coming up with a word and design – 20 points

5. Neat and Tidy- 20 points


“Nail”, Caroline J. 7th grade(6th period)

photo (12)

“Tree”, Kalena G, 7th grader (6th period)

photo (11)

“Chain”, James D. 7th grader (3rd period)

photo (10)

“Books”, JP G. 7th grader (3rd period)

photo (9)

“Art”, Ronnie P. 8th grader

photo (8)

“Tiger”, Griffin F. 8th grader, (1st period)

photo (7)

“Sport”, Amy E. 8th grader (1st period)

photo (6)

“Sport”, Jerry M, 8th grader (1st period)

photo (5)

“Music Rock”, Jeff H, 8th grader (1st period)

photo (4)

“Dance”, Danielle Z. 7th grader (6th period)

photo (3)

“Sail”, Henry R. 7th grader (6th period)

photo (2)

“Purple”, Tiara R. 7th grader (6th period)

photo (1)

“Paint”, Morgan M, 7th grader (6th period)


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