Game Design

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Emina’s Group, 6th grade

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Students must work in a group of four to design and implement a board game.


Anything they want. Really. I only two rules. One rule was that students could not use my classroom art supplies except for construction paper, tape and glue. I know that sounds silly, but you can only imagine if 30 students were running around the room getting any supplies they needed. No way. Also, if all students used the same art supplies, then they wouldn’t be pushing themselves to come up with creative new uses for objects from home. The second rule was that I did not want them to spend money on supplies. Of course, they could it’s their money, but definitely not required. They could use found objects from home, rocks from the street, um gum wrappers. It really didn’t matter to me.

[Key Words]

Product Design, Cohesive, Design Planning, Board Game


1. Good work habits/effective use of time

2. Cohesive design plan which means everything must make sense. (The box, the pieces, and the board all need to be cohesive in their design.)

3. The game must have a clear objective that others can understand

4. All parts must be completed (a set of rules, game pieces, a box to put the game in, a board to play on, etc)

5. Neat and Tidy. It needs to look like you put extreme care and attention into all details.

[More student artwork]

photo (31)

photo (30)

Bryson’s Group, 6th grade (4th period), ”

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[Worksheets to help students when design planning]

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