Up-close and Personal (A 7th grade drawing project)


David Q- 7th grader

(More student work below..)


Create four separate up-close value drawings of four items that are personal to you.

[Learning Objectives]

1. I can crop an object (by drawing an up-close section of it) so that it remains interesting to the viewer.

2. I can add value to my drawing by using a variety of drawing techniques. (smudging, using the eraser for highlights, applying different amounts of pressure to the paper)

3. I can use newspaper as a means to add interest and variety to my drawing.


Four squares of drawing paper, newspaper, drawing pencils, rubber cement or glue sticks, larger piece of construction paper to fit the four square drawings on

[Things that must be included/How you will be graded]

1. Good work habbits

2. Accurate application of value (must have highlights, midtones, and dark areas)

3. Four personal objects that reflect you.

4. Cropped drawings of those four objects.

5. Attention to detail within the drawing, and the gluing of the newspaper.

[How this project relates to Graphic Arts]


Cropping a product in an advertisement enlightens the viewer to the different highlighted aspects of that particular product.


[More student work]


Taylor B-7th grader


Anthony M. -7th grader



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