Candy Bar Package Design Project

Mark G. 8th grader

(more student work below)


Create a realistic drawing of a still life(which happens to be candy glued to a plate) using colored pencils.

[How you will be graded/Must be included]

1. Good work habbits

2. Interesting composition (objects coming off the page, variety, viewers eye should be carried around the art piece)

3. Must look like the actual objects in front of you

4. Layering of colors, shadows, midtones and highlights

5. Attention to details

[How this project relates to Graphic Art]

1. Package Design.

Instead of drawing a still life with the traditional fruit, basket, or random objects, I chose to use candy so that students would also learn about package design.

Kohana R. 8th grader

Andrew C. 8th grader.


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