Positive/ Negative Space Continued

Sophia M. “Through the Branches”. 8th grade

Here is the link to the post about the Positive / Negative Space project that I made this summer:


You can click on it to see the specifics, like learning objectives, artist connections and my examples. But, if you don’t care about any of that, and only want to see some student examples, just stay here and scroll down.

Step 1:

Glue strips of magazine (in your chosen color scheme) onto a piece of construction paper. This alone took 2-3 days and students were really into finding specific colors and textures that matched their theme or idea.


Step 2:

On a separate piece of construction paper, draw a super awesome design. Color in the parts you want to cut out.

Step 3:

exacto knives…..

the idea of using knives in the art room is scary, but everything turned out perfectly fine. Actually, it was one of my favorite days in the classroom because so much love, care and focus was being put into the artwork.

super scary

all finished cutting

Step 4:

Gluing and pasting

All finished:


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