Word Disguises- Typography


Student will learn about typography by designing and disguising a word of their choice. Each letter in their word will become an image that enhances the meaning.

(For example, if your word is Music, you would change each letter into music notes, piano keys, drums, etc. )

[Learning Objectives]

1. I can design a chosen word to enhance it’s meaning

2. I can apply colored pencil techniques to make my art piece more interesting- Layering of color, shading, applying different amounts of pressure.

[Things that must be included/how you will be graded]

1. Good work habits

2. Neat and tidy/ appropriate application of colored pencils (layering of colors)

3. A chosen word that reflects your personality

4. Designs each letter in the word to enhance the meaning (typography)

[How this project relates to Graphic Art]


Graphic artists use typography in advertisements, packaging and many other designs. The font or design of letters can not only influence the buyer or viewer, but it also helps tie in the rest of the packaging choices (colors, images, space, etc).

Richard Conn, “R”

Georgia Luck

[Student Artwork]

Sydney. “Music”. 8th grade

Tahj G. “Food”. 8th grade

Graham J. “Art”. 8th grade

Ian B. “Wavy”. 8th grade

Paige. “Jaws”. 8th grade

Josiah W. “Josiah”. 7th grade

Drew W. “Bomb”. 8th grade

“Rawr”. 8th grade


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