Silhouette Value Paintings


Choose a non-figurative subject and draw it’s silhouette in the center of your paper. Create an echo around the silhouette using either tints or shades of a chosen color.

[Learning Objectives]

1. I can mix tints and shades of a color by adding white(for tints) and black (for shades).

2. I can choose an interesting subject for my silhouette by considering an object that is interesting and obvious. (for example: pizza would not be interesting or obvious, because it could be mistaken for a triangle, party hat, and any number of items).

3. I can draw the silhouette of my chosen subject by paying careful attention to proportion and by following my eye around the object as I am drawing.


Paint color, white paint, black paint, pencil, erasers, canvas or paper

[Things that must be included/How you will be graded]

1. Good work habits

2. An interesting and obvious subject matter

3. Successful transition of tints or shades echo. You must have at least six tints or shades.

4. Neatness and clarity

[How this project relates to graphic art]

1. Similar to the famous ipod advertisements, this project shows a black silhouette with a colored background.


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