Silhouette Magazine Collage

A couple of weeks ago, all the JCPS art teachers had a professional development day at Male High School. We were each told to bring a project to share. The art teacher at Male H.S brought a really cool project that combined portraits and collage. Her student examples inspired me to connect the project to graphic arts.  Kids love any project that is all about them. And this one definitely is.

Here are some of her student examples:

Theme: Watches

Theme: Sky and Sea

Theme: Lips


Draw your silhouette  and fill it in with a specific theme of pictures (out of a magazine) related to your personality or interests.

[Learning Objectives]

1. I can make suggestions about my identity by choosing one object to represents me.

2. I can personalize my silhouette even further by filling it in with a variety of one object.


Magazines, scissors, paper, glue, projector

[Things that must be included/How you will be graded]

1. Good work habbits

2. Specific theme to fill in your silhouette

3. Silhouette that resembles you

4. Neatness and clarity

5. Variety within objects to add interest (size, color, etc…not variety in what the actual object is)

[How this project is related to Graphic Arts]


Objects combined to make up a larger image helps to communicate an idea, or further explain what the larger object is about.



Strong use of positive/negative space presents clarity to the viewer and gets the point across without cluttering the mind.


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