Color Scheme Idea Boards in Photoshop

Using idea boards to teach color schemes to 8th graders and give students an opportunity to practice with Photoshop. Here is a post for teaching color schemes to 7th graders.


Create an idea board on photoshop using a specific color scheme (analagous, complementary, monochromatic, neurtral, ect) and a related group of items.

Here are some examples:




[Learning Objectives]

1. I can use tools on photoshop to cut out objects and place in front of , beside, or behind other objects.

2. I can take my knowledge of color schemes and apply it to my idea board



[Things that must be included/ How you will be graded]

1. Good work habbits

2. Careful attention to detail (neat cutting on photoshop, good arrangement of objects, objects need to make sense)

3.  8-10 items that are related (ex. interior design, food, fashion, ect)

4. Obvious color scheme

5. Variety within textures, sizes, patterns, ect to add interest.

[How this project relates to graphic art]


Idea boards are the starting point of a design.


Photoshop is used for graphic design, and using it to create an idea board will only build onto your graphic design skills.

More examples of idea boards:



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