What Food Network Star has taught me about teaching

Every sunday, my husband and I watch FOOD NETWORK STAR. It’s sort of like HGTV’s Design Star, but with food. This show puts the utmost importance on story telling. Of course the contestants have to know how to cook, but that’s the easy part. Just like the easy part of teaching art is knowing about art. Duh we know about art, we went to school for it and even before that, long ago we fell in love with it. But now, we have to share that with others.

In the show, storytelling is so important because it is what connects the viewer to the contestant and therefore connects them to their food. I know that story telling sound like an obvious part of teaching, but watching this show has made me revisit this aspect of my job. To be honest, there are times when I teach the same lesson to two different classes. In one class I may feel more comfortable sharing a story, but by the end of the day I am just ready to go home and the prepared lesson comes out just mediocre. This is what I need to work on. If i can share a story with each of my classes every single day, I do believe I would create a better class. A more well behaved, involved, small community class.

You may be thinking storytelling? like make believe stories? No,  I mean real stories authentic to my life.

In college I used to re-use paper towels for dabbing my paint brushes off. Most people use cloth or cut up t-shirts, but I found that when the paper towel go wet, and then re-hardened it created awesome texture for getting the paint off my brushes. I was messy (and I still really am), but my studio was covered in crumpled up paper towels that I would just pick up and use and throw back down to dry. The best part of having your own painting studio is that no one gets to tell you how to keep it.

How easy is that, that took like less than a minute, but allowed you into my life a little bit more.

For every process and every  supply used, I have story. and so do you. Through these art processes and interaction with art supplies, we grew to love art. Lets share that with our students.

What stories do you share with your students? What do you plan on working on in the fall when school starts back again?


One thought on “What Food Network Star has taught me about teaching

  1. Haha…Mrs.Dahl I am addicted to this show so glad Justin won! Oh yea…I just realized I never got back my “I am from” creative project. I really liked that piece…so if you have it just let me know. I could drop by to pick it up. Thanks!

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