Color Schemes and Jasper Johns


 So a couple of months ago I pinned (on pinterest of course) a ton of Jasper Johns images, both originals and student imitations. I wasn’t sure what I was wanting them for, but I knew somehow if I could figure out a lesson that Jasper Johns would fit perfectly into graphic arts.

I realized today how I wanted to incorporate Jasper Johns into my graphic arts class. I will use his work to teach color schemes. Here is an example I found on pinterest, and a link the the blog it originally came from.

This is what I am going for:


Create an artwork inspired by Jasper Johns, and include one of the color schemes discussed in class. (Monochromatic, analagous, complementary)

[Learning Objectives]

1. I can apply one of the color schemes (Complementary, Monochromatic, or Analagous) to an artwork.

2. I can create an artwork inspired by Jasper Johns by including the grid, typography, and similar mark makings.


Paint palette, paint to fit within the chosen color scheme, brushes, water cups, heavy paper or canvases

[Things that must be included/ How you will be graded]

1. Good work habbits

2. Gridwork

3. Typography – either letters or numbers. Block Stencil Style.

4. One of the three color schemes

5. Similar mark makings as Jasper Johns- “Finger painting” look and echoed outlines around letters.

[Artist Connections] 

Jasper Johns of course!


Jasper Johns was part of the Abstract Expressionism movement and he was also influenced by Pop Art. He gave importance to the every day (such as letters and numbers).

[How this relates to graphic art]


Use of typography


Color schemes are highly important in design as they can influence the viewers mood and feeling about a product.

A color wheel for reference


 Colors directly across from each other on the color wheel.


 A color plus its tint and shade (my personal favorite).

Its actually a little more complex than just adding white or black to make a colors tint or shade, you could also add other colors to make variations of your chosen color. For example if your chosen color is purple, you could add a splash of yellow to make a muddier purple which still counts as monochromatic.


Colors close to one another on the color wheel.


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