Advertisement Re-Design


Part 1: Choose a product advertisement out of a magazine

Part 2: Re-design the advertisement so that the product is now directed towards a new audience of your choice.

Fareed H. 6th grade.

Product: Post Cereal

New Audience: Athletes

Slogan: “Post Cereal Selects: If you’re not ready to eat Post Cereal, You’re not ready for the game”

Annie Z. 6th grade.

Product: Blackberry Cell Phone

New Audience: Sports Fans

Slogan: “Unless you have a Blackberry, You can’t keep up with your favorite team” (this is hard to read, but it’s on the bottom over the purple)

Tanveer C. 6th grade.

Product: Ford Crown Vehicle

New Audience: Cowboys that are new drivers

Slogan: “Ford, If you’re a new driver then try the all new Ford Crown Victoria, Yee Haw!” ( So, maybe this student focused more on re-designing the car instead of the slogan, but I still love it anyways)

William P. 6th grade.

Product: Yoo-Hoo Chocolate drink

New Audience: Video Gamers

Slogan: “You haven’t had real chocolate mike until you have had Yoo-Hoo” (The slogan could be better related to video gaming, however, the visual of this poster is successful)

Shivani J. 8th grade.

Product: Apple Brand

New Audience: Professional women in the workplace

Slogan: “Indulge Yourself, Have an Apple”

Victoria H. 8th grade.

Product: Coke

New Audience:  Family Vacationers

Slogan: “Coke can take you anywhere”

Veeksha B. 8th grade.

Product: Capri Sun

New Audience: Girls- yo

Slogan: “Capri Sun Juice, Enchanted for a princess”

Reid H. 8th grade.

Product: Converse Shoes

New Audience: Artists/ Art enthusiasts

Slogan: “Art is never limited to the canvas”

Eden W. 8th grade.

Product: Essie Nail Polish

New Audience: Middle School Girls

Slogan: “Essie brings out my wild side”

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