Meyzeek Middle School Art Show Turn Out

Last night was the art show. Such good energy in that room. Proud parents were there taking pictures of their kids, students were proud, the conversation was great, and so were the snacks. Really, I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. I do wish I would have gotten more pictures of the students. Alright, here are the winners. There were three categories (3D, Painting & Drawing, and Graphic Arts). Also, we had a Principals Award, and 12 honarable mentions.

P r i n c i p a l s   A w a r d

Avery C. 8th grade. “

3 – D   A r t w o r k

( 1st Place ) Maurice C. 7th grade. ” Hamburger”

( 2nd Place ) Zach P. 7th grade. ” Breakfast” 

( 3rd Place ) Jaweun W. 6th grade. “The Courtmaster”

P a i n t i n g   &   D r a w i n g

( 1st Place ) Reid H. 8th grade.”Veggie Thief”

( 2nd Place ) Sarika P. 8th grade. “Spotlight”

( 3rd Place ) Name to be added soon

G r a p h i c   A r t s

(1st Place ) J.P. 7th grade. 

( 2nd Place ) Veeksha B. 8th grade. ” I am from a collection of purses hanging in my room”

( 3rd Place ) Sarika and Ken. 8th grade. “elephunk”

H o n a r a b l e   M e n t i o n s


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