Typortraits= Typography + Portraits

Assignment: To draw a self portrait and create an interesting background using typography.

Like I have mentioned before, my classroom only has 15 computers. So, while half of the class is on computers, the other half is working at the tables. This week, the students on the computers are using Adobe Photoshop to create their self portrait, while the students at the tables are drawing self portraits. I took a photo of each student with my iphone, then printed it out at Staples (2 per paper and in black and white, also, it’s super cheap). 

Before drawing the background on the final paper, I made these templates for the students to use. Each student needed to sketch four possibilities for the background.

Things that must be included:

(1.) Good work habbits (full use of time, follows directions)

(2.) Likeness to original photo

(3.) Correct application of art materials:

         – Drawing pencils- Include light, dark and medium value tones

         – Watercolor- Use light washes of color, avoid black and brown

         – Sharpie- Variety of lines to enhance the drawing

(4.) Interesting use of typography in the background

(5.) Attention to detail, give care and effort.

 Mae. 6th grade. Uses stretched letters in the back to fill the circles, also surrounds the body with tiny lettering.

Darius. 6th grade. Uses hollow block letters in the background.



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