Digital Portraits

D i g i t a l   P o r t r a i t s

Assignment: In Adobe Photoshop, create an illustrated version of yourself by matching facial tones and using a variety of brush tools. To help you do this, use the “How To Paint Yourself In Adobe Photoshop” tutorial.

Things that must be included:

1. Good work habbits

2. Variety of brush sizes/shapes

3. Variety of color within each facial feature

4. Interesting background that enhances the portrait (pattern or solid)

5. Likeness to the original photograph

6. Covers all white space.


Mya. 6th grade

Reid- Upclose of nose and lips. 8th grade.

Tyler. 6th grade

Kasim H. 6th grade

Asim H. 6th grade


Darius H. 8th grade



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