Toilet Paper Bowls

I spent my spring break experimenting new art projects to do with my students. With my 7th grade class, we are creating toilet paper food sculptures, which are turning out okay. Just okay though. On a quick side note, I know that I still have not added photos of the toilet paper sculptures, so really you don’t have to bother with clicking the link. But anyway, this whole working with toilet paper thing has me thinking of new ideas. Also, I have leftover charmin toilet paper that I should make use of (besides the typical use of toilet paper).

So, here is my attempt at creating something functional out of toilet paper:

Materials needed: 

1. Charmin Toilet Paper

2. Water

3. A Bowl to layer the TP on

4. Napkins for soaking up any excess water

Toilet Paper Bowls with Graphic Patterns

Step 1:

Roll out 10-12 squares of toilet paper.  Fold over to add thickness.

Step 2:

Dip the strip of thick toilet paper into water. Ring most of the water out.

Step 3:

Begin applying the strips to the outside of  a bowl.

Step 4:

After the bowl is covered with the first layer of damp/wet toilet paper, apply a second layer.  This time, don’t dip in the water. Instead, apply the toilet paper strip directly to the first layer, and press in so that it soaks up the water from the first layer. Add 5-6 layers of toilet paper.

Step 5: 

Place in the sun to dry for 12-24 hours, depending on how wet the surface is.

Step 6:

Remove the toilet paper bowl from the outside of the original bowl. Make sure it is completely dry. At this point, it will feel very delicate, soft, and light.

Step 7:

Apply acrylic paint to the inside of the bowl first to prevent collapsing. I like to place the toilet paper bowl inside the original bowl to keep pressure on the outside while I am painting. Why acrylic paint? Because when it dries it creates a plastic coating that hardens the toilet paper, and preserves the shape. 

Step 8:

Use a sharpie marker to create graphic patterns on the outside of the bowl.

Step 9:

Seal the entire bowl with clear acrylic gloss varnish for shine, protection, and more hardening.


Once my students make one, I will post more pictures of their work.


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