8th grade Creative Project

To go along with the “I am from..”  poems, the 8th graders were assigned a creative project. The A groups were working on designing the poems on Adobe InDesign, so the B group is working on this..

Assignment: To create an artwork that is reflective of who you are and what you are made of. Any medium, any size, any appropriate subject matter.

 Allayiah-8th, “Making Cupcakes Every Other Weekend“. Colored Pencils 

 Mariah-8th. “Untitled”. Chalk pastels on watercolor paper. 

Avery-8th. “Fire”. Mixed Media on Watercolor paper.   

Sarika-8th. “The Way I am”. Oil pastels on watercolor paper. 

 Reid-8th. “Fingerprints“. Oil pastels on watercolor paper, charcoal thumbprints.

Ken-8th.  “Fun In The Life of Me”. Oil Pastels on watercolor paper


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