Typography and Identity- “I am from poems”

I went to a cultural competence/diversity a couple months ago at the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage which turned out to be awesome. This workshop was a rejuvinating experience because I left with a new appreciation for myself, a greater understanding of my identity and a reminder of the reasons why I love teaching in such a diverse environment.

One of the activities we did was writing an “I am from” poem. Each line of the poem begins with the phrase, “I am from…” As you write the poem you talk about your struggles, challenges, culture, family, traditions, self, interests, and goals. Very self theraputic.

I know I’m not a language arts teacher, but I still wanted students to write the poem.


Part1:    Write an “Iam from” poem with 20 statements.

Part 2:   To enhance the meaning of the poem and your identity, design the words to fit within a related image using the basic tools* on Adobe InDesign. (students previously completed a typography tutorial on Adobe InDesign and will use those skills to to complete this project).

** type on a path, type within an image

Mae S.- 6th. “I am from playing violin in concert

Sarika P- 8th. ” I am from singing in the rain”

Reid H- 8th. ” I am from DSLR’s to tiny point and shoots

Shivani J-8th. “I am from baby swimming pools to deep ends and diving boards”

Daihjae T- 6th. ” I am from a family that are not shy but brave inside”



Aliye G- 8th. “I am from pop music blasting from my room”



Mark M- 8th. ” I am from blonde hair on golden beaches”

Lucas L- 6th. ” I am from dreaming of taking a vacation to Alaska”


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