Simple Monsters- Created with Adobe Illustrator

Monsters- Created with Adobe Illustrator

 (The A-group works on this assignment while the  B group creates monsters using oil Pastels )


To combine the elements of art ( Line, shape, texture, space, color and value) to create a monster using the *basic tools on Adobe Illustrator. Then, as you create the monster on the computer, you will also be writing a simple tutorial to go along with it. 

   * the basic tools included graidents, sending objects to the back, drop shadows, reflecting, coloring in objects with different techniques, warping, and  changing the shape of an object with the direct selection tool.


 This was the second computer project students created and I am very impressed! Prior to this assignment, students created a Panda Bear on Adobe Illustrator by following a tutorial. So, it only made sense that they were required to write their own tutorial this time. Overall, most students enjoyed this project. They went on to create monster names and personalities to enhance the character they created.  

Learning Objectives: 1.    I can combine the elements of art(line, shape, texture, space, color and value) to create a monster on adobe illustrator2.    I can explain the function of tools on adobe illustrator