Mosaic Workshop with Karen Wyssbrod

Visiting artist, Karen Wyssbrod held an afterschool mosiac workshop here at Meyeek Middle School.  Such a great opportunity for the students! You know, I would love to do mosiacs with each and every one of my students, but the cost of supplies can get pretty expensive. The ArtsReach Program at the Kentucky Center for the Arts  funded this workshop and it was awesome that a twelve of my students could participate in this. 

Each student got to make their very own mosaic plate. Whats crazy is that before this workshop, I thought you could only mosaic on wood, but aparently glass is just as good. I wish I would have taken pictures of the process, but here are some of the finished mosaic plates.

This was a two hour/two day workshop. The first day was the day we glued and tiled. This day there were a few students who became frustrated with the process and the repetition. I can understand that, but at the same time, one of the reasons I love art making is for the repetition of movements. The second day was for grouting, and everyone loved this, despite the messy-ness of the grout process.




Students  collaborated to create these sepertate mosaic projects after they finished up their plates.  BEAUTIFUL!!


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