Oil Pastel Monsters- Elements of Art

Oil Pastel Monsters-Elements of Art

As you know (or maybe you don’t know), my art class has a focus on graphic arts. So, to meet the Visual Art standards, to allow students to have more independent work time, and to satisfy my need for the hands on visual art, I have divided all classes into A groups and B groups. Basically, it works like this…

A-day groups work on a project on the computer while B-day groups work at their tables on a somewhat similar art project. Then, four days later (or however many I have alotted for that project), they switch. Very successful.

Anyway, currently the A-day group has been creating monsters using Adobe Illustrator, while my B-Day group has been working on their oil pastel monsters. Below are some of the finished oil pastel monster drawings.

6th grade oil pastel monsters


7th grade oil pastel monsters


8th grade oil pastel monsters

Ohh I just love these! They are so colorful and full of imagination. But on a side note, why do students love to throw pastels at eachother? I don’t think so!
Learning Objectives:
1. I can combine the elements of art (line, shape, texture, space, color and value) to create an oil pastel drawing.
2. I can relate my drawing to the basic tools on Adobe Illustrator ((This right here is what connects the A and B groups)) 

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