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Hello Everyone!

For the last school year, I have taken time off of teaching so that I can spend more time with my son, and pursue small doses of my love of interior design.

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-Lauren Dahl


I Am From Poems On Adobe InDesign- Spring 2014

Project: I am from poems

Assignment:This assignment digs deep into who we are and what has made us the people we are today. Students write an “I am from” poem about that very topic of self discovery, and transform it into an image on Adobe InDesign. At the core of this assignment, students learn that TEXT + IMAGERY = SUCCESSFUL GRAPHIC DESIGN.

To see past years of poems click here, or here.

Luke S.”I am from seeing dolphins”. 6th grade

Luke S,

Hania E. “I am from Unicorn Language”. 6th grade

unicorn language


Amy X. “I am from a bird song”. 6th grade

Bird Picture Poem


Bertha Charles, “I am from traveling”. 6th grade

Bertha Jean charles

Nelson L. “I am from Tennessee, Toffee, and my home Turf”. 6th grade

I Am From Tennessee, Toffee, And My Home Turf


Julian N. “I am from boomin’ to music”. 6th grade



Monty S. “I am from video games in my basement.” 6th grade


Pop Art- Spring 2014

Assignment: Students chose either a pet, or a food item to represent POPular culture in 2014. They then transformed that image into pop artwork by using black outlines, primary colors, action words, explosive shapes, and flat surfaces.

Thomas F, “Shazam”, 6th grade.




Addison Rouns, “YUM”, 6th grade.



Clayton Cobb, “ZAP”, 6th grade



Noah R-P, “BANG”, 6th grade


Luke R, “SQUIRT”, 6th grade


Business Card Design 2013


Business Card Design:

Assignment: Create a business that does not already exist. Make sure it reflects your personality and interests. On Adobe Illustrator, combine text and imagery to design the front and back of a business card.

Rubric (100 Points)

1. Chose an authentic business, address, phone number, and concept. (20)

2. Typography, Imagery, and Color Scheme all reflect the concept of your business. (20)

3. Good work habits/effective use of time/neatness and quality (20)

4. Utalize multiple tools on adobe illustrator (or photoshop or indesign if you choose). (20)

5. Front and Back need to flow together. (20)

Student Work:

Rose D. 7th grade. “Stunning Sweets”. A Candy Shoppe


rose front


rose back


Henry R. 8th grade. “19 Below”. An App Design Company.





Kasim H. 8th grade. “Splash”. Engineering Company.


kasim front


kasim back

WeDad M. 7th grade. “WAM”. Pet Store.


wedad front


wedad back


Luke L. 8th grade. “Lawson Energy”






Josh J. 8th grade. “Release The Beast”. Fitness Center


Josh Front


Josh Back


Elliot. 7th grade. “Zombie Hunter”


elliott- front


elliott- back

Austin. 7th grade. “Stink Head”. Smell Distributer.


austin Business Cards both sides

Audrey. 7th grade. “Sweet Treats Bakery”.


audrey front


audrey back


Task Self Portraits 2013

Project: Task Self Portrait

Description: To add interest to an otherwise common portrait assignment, I had students take photographs of themselves doing a daily task (brushing teeth, eating, combing hair, etc). They then had to draw from photograph a portrait of themselves.


1. Students brings in photograph that is large, clear, and task driven- 20 points

2. Drawing must resemble the photograph

3. Shading to look realistic, must include dark shadows, mid-tones, and hi-lights made with an eraser- 20 points

4. Interesting background to enhance the portrait-20 points

5. Care, Effort and Good work Habits- 20 points

Student Work:

photo 1 (3)

Martin T, 8th grade,

photo 2 (4)

Rana M, 8th grade, “Cup Of Tea”, Fall 2013

photo 3 (3)

Jamie H, 8th grade, “Snap”, fall 2013


Courtney N, 7th grade, “Beach Time”, Fall 2013

photo 4 (3)

Lindsey L, 8th grade, “Eveing Icecream”, Fall 2013

InDesign “I Am From” Poems-Fall 2013

Project: “I AM FROM” poem created on Adobe Indesign

Description: Students learn the basic tools on Adobe Indesign by designing a poem.


I am from 6th 2013

Madeline B, 6th grade, “I am from Instagram”, Fall 2013


I am from hunting with my papaw

Austin W, 6th grade, “Iam from hunting with my papaw”, Fall 2013


I am from minecraft

Jacob A, 6th grade, “I am from Minecraft”, fall 2013

i AM FROM the bluegrass

Kejuante S, 6th grade, “I am from the bluegrass”, Fall 2013


Project: Printmaking

Materials: Styrofoam Plate, carving tool, paint, paper

Description: Students come up with subject matter of their choice. They then sketch ideas for composition. Once they know what they want to do for their printmaking project, they carve that image into the styrofoam plate. Apply paint with brayer, and then print 2 copies.


1. Student creates an interesting design, which includes variety of line thickness and interesting subject matter- 20 points

2. Student uses all materials correctly (for example, no pushing holes through the plate, use the brayer delicately, etc)- 20 points

3. Student makes two prints using the same styrofoam plate, labeled correctly. 20 points

4. Neatness (centers the print on page, no paint drops in places they shouldn’t be)- 20 points

5. Student choses the paper color to enhance the paint color- 20 points

Student Work:

photo 3 (2)

Kayleigh R, “Collide With The Sky”, 8th grade, 2013

photo 1 (2)

Tanveer C, “Gamer Life”, 8th grade, 2013

photo 2 (3)

Tiara L, “Dreams Of Paris”, 8th grade, 2013

photo 4 (2)

Breanna M, “Polka Dot Tights”, 8th grade, 2013


Jasper Johns Number Drawings

photo 1 (1)

Riya S, 7th grade, 2013

Project: Jasper Johns Number Drawing

Materials: Heavy drawing paper, drawing pencils (not regular writing pencils)

Description: Students are inspired by Jasper Johns layered number drawings. Students chose a variety of numbers and layer them within the page. By doing this, they create a lot of seperate spaces and shapes. Each seperate enclosed area should be shaded differently, and no touching areas should be the same.


1. Student layeres 7-10 numbers on the page- 20 points

2. Interesting composition- 20 points

3. Student uses the following characteristics of Jasper Johns artwork within the seperate shapes- 20 points

  • Shading from dark to light
  • Coloring in the entire shape with the same tone
  • Hash marks
  • white space

4. Care and Effort- 20 points

5. Good work habits- 20 points

Artist Inspiration:

**Our student arwork combines different qualities from Jasper Johns Artwork. Much of his artwork is in color and using paint, however, ours uses drawing pencils and no colors.


0 through 9 1961 by Jasper Johns born 1930

Dancers on a Plane 1980-1 by Jasper Johns born 1930

[title not known] 1967-9 by Jasper Johns born 1930

Student Artwork:

photo 2 (2)

Sofia G, 7th grade, 2013

photo 3 (1)

Micah W, 7th grade, 2013

photo 4 (1)

Cora K, 7th grade, 2013


Mannequin Watercolors

Project Title: Mannequin Watercolors


watercolor Paper, drawing pencils, watercolors, crayon, and charcoal sticks


Students learn about figures and proportion by drawing mannequins. They will draw the mannequins, create a wax resist around the outlines of the mannequins, and then using watercolor and charcoal to add visual interest.


1. Student draws five mannequins on a page (at least one whole one)- 20 points

2. Correct proportion of mannequin parts and rendering – 20 points

3. Interesting Composition – 20 points

4. Correct use of materials (watercolors must be transparent layers-not opaque, charcoal must be used to enhance and not overwhelm the art piece, and crayon resist must be thick heavy lines)- 20 points

5. care/Effort, and good work habbits – 20 points

Student Work:

photo 2

Bella E, 8th grade, 2013

photo 3

Meaghan H, 8th grade, 2013

photo 1

Meghan S, 8th grade, 2013

photo 4